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About Us  
Our mission is to save soldiers’ backs. We want to relieve soldiers’ back pain so they can achieve their potential through improved mobility, readiness, function, and morale.

The BackJack™ Tactical is made by Cropper Medical, Inc. the maker of Bio Skin® Bracing products.  Cropper Medical has been manufacturing orthopedic bracing in the USA for more than 15 years.  To learn more about Bio Skin® products go to www.bioskin.com.

At Cropper Tactical Systems we create human performance gear for the tactical athlete.  Our products enhance human performance by relieving pain, redistributing weight, and offloading stress from fatigued muscles and joints.

The BackJack Tactical has been tested at the JRTC, with the XVIII Airborne, the 82nd Airborne, the Special Forces, Special Operations, in Iraq, and Afghanistan.  If you’d like more information about  the BackJack Tactical please contact us
Made in USA Berry Compliant
  To Order Call: 800.541.2455